Sunday, October 05, 2003

So, some of my friends have been wanting me o do something like this for awhile, and now I just did it. So I'm supposed to write about my days and what happened and my thoughts and feelings right? Well, this was my day: I woke up at 3, read a book for US History, and then played Rise of Nations. Didn't go anywhere, didn't do anything besides interact with my roomate from time to time and its driving me crazy! I dont just want to spend all of my time in the same room with the same people, and yet at the same time, I don't know how to approach people up here for some reason, its like all of my people skills just flew out the window. This is my second year here and you'd think I would know more people than I do... but I don't. Last year I wasn't in that great of a mental state to do ANYTHING, so I barely passed the first year of college, my old roomates hate me for sure and I am still in the same quandry as I was before. On top of all that I never really dated that much in high school (around 5 Girlfriends over the course of my life, but one was for 5 years, another for 2) so I'm not to good at approaching girls that I'm interested in (not that I know any right now) to see if they feel the same way. Also, I'm not quite me when I'm up here and I dont know why. Usually I am a very sociable person when it comes to everything but up here I'm closed in, afraid to offend anybody, and generally more tense and to myself than anything else. It sucks. Where am I?

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